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  • Made-to-order Nail Kit


    Having your rabbit's nails trimmed to the proper length is very important. If the nails are too long, the rabbit may be uncomfortable and refuse to hop.  Nail trimming should be part of your regular grooming habits.

    Work with your vet or someone experienced trimming rabbit nails until you are comfortable doing it yourself.

    We envision group leaders ordering these uniform kits for their group.  Just select the items for your sets and qualities based on your needs and budget.

    The more you buy, the less expensive.

    Start by determining what quantity you need and then select the items  

    Your kit can include:

    * Stainless Steel Nail Shears.  These work well for most small furry friends. ($2.50-$3.50)

    * KWIK Finder Flashlight ( batteries included)  -- Helps you find the quick easily.  Especially important with dark nails. ($2.00-$2.50)

    * Blood Stop (5ml)  -- Important to have on hand should you accidentally cut the quick. ($0.55-$1.00)

    * Nail Conditioner (2 ml) -- Helps condition dry nails.  Especially important during dry winter months.  Like our nails, they can crack and break.  Food grade sweet oil. ($0.55-$2.00)

    Kit ships for free when ordered with other items.  Otherwise, $7.50.

    For the bargain shoppers in all of us, you can't buy a kit for a dime. ;)  You have to select from the options.

    Please double check your order to ensure your quantity matches with the options you selected.  

    Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. That said, most orders ship within 48 hours