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    Selecting an H-style harness for your pet rabbit is the most important decision you will make when starting rabbit hopping and agility.  You want a rabbit harness that has been found safe and appropriate for rabbit hopping and rabbit agility; and that will allow free movement when going over jumps.  This harness is ideal for bunny jumping because it does not retain heat the way a vest type harness does.

    Alikatt Rabbit Hopping rabbit harness.  We have put a lot of thought into the products we sell.  They are quality products.  The harnesses come with a manufacturers replacement warranty.  The manufacturer will replace it; Even if chewed!

    1) Select the size.  Measuring the area behind the front legs of your rabbit.  This is a tight measurement.  If the measurement is 11 or less, you need a small; if the measurement is 12" or more you will need a large.  If the measurement is 11-12, you may need either size depending on your rabbit.    If you are in doubt, email us the measurement and a picture of your rabbit, we can help you decide. Our email is  info@rabbithopping.com  Customers often find ordering both sizes helpful when you have junior aged rabbits or multiple sized breeds.

    2) Select a Pattern or solid color.  If your rabbit will wear a small when young but will grow into a large, you may want to buy a trio set.  The trio set includes both a small, large harness and a matching leash.  CLICK THE SECOND PICTURE TO SEE COLORS/PATTERNS.  Solid colored harnesses are softer and more flexible; especially preferred by rabbits 2 pounds or less.

    3) Do you want a matching leash?  The harness does NOT come with a leash.

    4) We ship USPS Flat Rate.


    When fitting a rabbit with a harnesses:

    1. Fit the back strap first.  a) Push the harness forward to be at the "arm pits" of the rabbit.  b) Place two fingers between the rabbit and the harness. c) The strap should be snug, but not too snug. d) Make sure that the harness cannot be push over the rabbit's front "elbows".
    2. Fit around the neck.  a) The neck should be as loose as possible without the rabbit being able to slip out, chew on the harness or get it's front legs stuck in the neck strap.  Never leave a rabbit with the neck strap on only.  If your rabbit should become frightened, you do not want it to hang itself. 
    3. Never leave your rabbit unattended with a harness on.
    4. Always let your rabbit adjust to the harness before attaching the leash.

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