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Rabbit Hopping and Agility are new fun ways to interact with your rabbit!  Join in this healthy way to bond with your rabbit, exercise and have fun!!

We never use treats to train.  Rabbits are natural at running, jumping, and hopping.  We harness this natural instinct so that they go through a course of their own free will.  We call our method of training The Tom Sawyer Method™

Rabbits are intelligent and fun-loving creatures.  They are capable of so much more than just being adorable.  They are quick learners.

Select a rabbit that is healthy, outgoing, confident and curious.  Add a good sense of humor, patience, and the right training and you and your rabbit are in for an amazing experience!

Remember to always keep safety in mind.

What You Gain

You will have a more content rabbit.  Even if you only practice with your rabbit once a week, they will remember what they learned and look forward to the next practice session.

Laugh.  Laugh long and hard at your successes and mistakes.  Your rabbit will appreciate your smiles and may even show you antics reserved only for other rabbits.

You will feel a sense of accomplishment at what you and your rabbit teammate achieve, whether for your own enjoyment or for competitions.

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