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  • Face Mask

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    If you have to wear a face masks, you should look good! Our face masks are made to be cool and comfortable.  

    We know one size doesn’t fit all and are now offering four sizes options.  We cannot guarantee fit but we try hard to get it right for you.  

    Because of high demand, we may not be able to ship the exact pattern you requested.  If you saw a pattern some place online, try to describe the best you can and we will do our best.

    We have reviewed multiple websites to understand the needs for “homemade” masks according to the CDC (3/20) and feel that they are better than a bandana but that is the only our opinion...what does a wabbit wrangler know about medical products?

    The masks are made with two layers of cotton fabric and a non woven interface. You can request a waterproof liner.