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COURSE MATS-5 4-packs minimum

Free Shipping!

Bright-colored 24" x 24" x 1/2" course mats that resist fading.  EVA Foam mats, Latex free.  Fit together from order to order unlike mats purchased at discount stores.  Minimum purchase is FIVE 4-Packs (16 mats) for free shipping.  Each incremental 4pk is added at the price indicated.  For example, 5 4-pks=$125; 

Free shipping available only in Continental United States.

Keep in mind when ordering that your jumps should be 6-8 feet apart depending upon the height of the jump.  The distance is to allow your rabbit adequate distance between jumps to clear the next jump and is for the welfare of your rabbit. 

Jumps 0-10" tall = Minimum distance between jumps is 6 ft

Jumps 12-14" tall = Minimum distance between jumps is 6.5 ft between jumps

Jumps 16-18" tall = Minimum distance between jumps is 7 ft between jumps

Jumps 20" tall = Minimum distance between jumps is 8 ft between jumps

Also we recommend a minimum of two mats at the beginning and the ending of the course

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